• ro

    Reverse Osmosis (RO)

    RO units produce de-mineralized water from raw water supply of high contents.

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    Sanitary Napkin Disposal Incinerator

    As you are aware that one of the common Waste Disposal problems being faced in public Utility Area, Wards, Nursing Hostels etc. is disposal of used Sanitary Napkin by the ladies.  Invariable these used Napkins are flushed down the toilets which may obstruct smooth flow of sanitation system. Moreover if used napkins are disposed in dustbin, these may become a source of infections as well as harmful waste spreading outside the premises.

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    Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

    We offer two models of Sani-Vend Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine depending upon the availability of power – Manual and Automatic.

  • seed-germinator

    Seed Germinator

    Most suitable for conditioning various experiments on a variety of seeds under different conditions of temperature and humidity.

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    Sewage Treatment Plant (STP)

    We are manufacturing complete Sewage Treatment Plants & Systems based on all the latest technology like SAFF, FAB, MBBR, SBR, Technology, MBBR for Residential colonies, Hospitals, Hotels, Cities, etc.

  • rat-repellar

    Ultrasonic Rat Repellers

    Cecon Ultrasonic Rat Repeller is a highly effective compact solid state electronic equipment to eradicate Rat & Pest menace in Electronic Exchanges, Computer Rooms, Control Rooms etc.

  • waste-collection-bin

    Waste Collection Bags, Bins

    Manufactured from the optimum quality raw materials, our Mettalic Waste Bin is highly durable.

  • waste-water-recycling-plant

    Waste Water Treatment Plant

    We offer a cost effective and eco friendly Waste Water Recycling Plant that is highly appreciated in the global markets. Our Industrial Water Recycling Plant is widely used in various sectors to purify the wastewater efficiently so that it can use further for several applications.