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    Air Curtain

    Cecon Air Curtains are scientifically designed air barrier to meet the present day concept of energy conservation. It maintains cool and clean inside atmosphere by isolating outer hot and dusty air in restaurants, computer room, production hall, O.T. room etc. while allowing free movement of man & material.

  • air-dust-cleaner

    Air Dust Cleaners / Filters

    These COMPACT ELECTRONIC AIR CLEANERS are easy to install and are highly useful in places like Computer centres, Process Control rooms, Electronic Industries, Telephone Exchange, Research laboratories, Operation Theatres and many other places requiring clean and dust free atmosphere.

  • air-guard

    Air Guard

    Cecon Room Air Purifier cum Ionizer with it’s exclusive three stage Air Purification and delivery control module is not only designed to produce high efficiency performance particulate and Odors removal but also increase air charges which are essential for clean & healthy environment required in these areas.

  • air-handling-unit

    Air Handling Unit

  • air-purifier-sterilizer

    Air Purifier cum Sterilizer

  • air-shower-03

    Air Shower

    Air Shower prevents a person entering the clean room from carrying with him dust and bacteria adhering to his body, clothing etc. Through air jets produced by the clean air circulatory system of the equipment.

  • auto-clave-hydro-clave

    Auto Clave / Hydro Clave

    Cecon High Pressure Autoclave – Latest engineering techniques, designs, validation for the system to meet all norms of CGMP.

    Cecon Vertical Autoclave offers the customers maximum reliability in view of conducting small batches or operations for sterilizing.

  • auto-clave

    Auto Clave / Hydro Clave

    We have firmly positioned ourselves as one of the prime High Pressure Autoclave Suppliers based in India. Our Vertical & Horizontal High Pressure Autoclave is precisely designed to meet all norms of cGMP.

  • bio-safety-cabinet

    Bio Safety Cabinet

    CECON Bio safety cabinet are conceptualized and designed to provide a work area that is completely bathed in high efficiency perfect air, which is free from any kind of particulate contamination.

  • blood-bank-refrigerator1

    Blood Bank Refrigerator

    Providing a high performance.

  • bod-incubator

    BOD Incubator

    CECON High efficiency BOD Incubator for Biochemical Oxygen Demand determinations.

  • cold-cabinet-room

    Cold Cabinet/Room

    Complete range of Cold Room and Refrigeration unit for the small and medium cold rooms.