Cold Cabinet/Room

Complete range of Cold Room and Refrigeration unit for the small and medium cold rooms.

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Product Description

CECON are the manufacturers of complete range of Cold Room and Refrigeration unit for the small and medium cold rooms comprising of Machine made prefabricated PUF insulated Panels of different thickness from 60mm to 150mm thick PUF insulation and are covered with pre-coated G.I. sheet on both side or a combination of both.
The Walk-In-Coolers are ready to assemble with the help of Cam locking arrangement provided inside the PUF panels and no need of any angle iron structure is required.

Control panel is fully automatic and provided with all necessary controls for precise operation of the equipment. All models are fitted with electronic control panel which is adjustable to suit most requirements.

The high thermal efficiency of Cecon Cold Rooms ensures low heat transmission, resulting in lower refrigeration loads and reduction of electricity bills.


  • Seven Panel Configuration
  • Foamed-in-Place polyurethane
  • Five Metal Finishes
  • Flush Type Door
  • Cam Lock
  • Heated Air Vent
  • Interior & Exterior Ramp
  • Sweep Gasket
  • Posi-Seal Clouser
  • Vapour-Proof Light Fixture
  • Interior Safety Release
  • View Port
  • Digital Temperature Indicator
  • Research centre/Labs/Institutes
  • Pathology Labs
  • Biology, Virology, Botany Labs
  • Agriculture & Food Research Labs
  • Medical Institutes
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Horticulture
  • Health Care Centres
  • Ice Cream Industries
  • Chemical Industries