Scientific & Lab Equipments

  • auto-clave-hydro-clave

    Auto Clave / Hydro Clave

    Cecon High Pressure Autoclave – Latest engineering techniques, designs, validation for the system to meet all norms of CGMP.

    Cecon Vertical Autoclave offers the customers maximum reliability in view of conducting small batches or operations for sterilizing.

  • bio-safety-cabinet

    Bio Safety Cabinet

    CECON Bio safety cabinet are conceptualized and designed to provide a work area that is completely bathed in high efficiency perfect air, which is free from any kind of particulate contamination.

  • bod-incubator

    BOD Incubator

    CECON High efficiency BOD Incubator for Biochemical Oxygen Demand determinations.

  • laminar-air-flow-system

    Laminar Air Flow System

    Cecon high efficiency Laminar Air Flow System to meet the requirements of US Federal Standard 209B providing particle free air to meet class 100 (class conditions).

  • seed-germinator

    Seed Germinator

    Most suitable for conditioning various experiments on a variety of seeds under different conditions of temperature and humidity.